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December 16, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

Canceled by HLN, comedian Joy Behar has been making the most of her last days on the network by discussing the its decision to fire her during monologues on the show, during interviews with guests, and with messages on Twitter. Reporting on the cancellation, the New York Times observed today (Friday): “The Web, of course, has made it easy for all sorts of fans to mount save-our-show campaigns, but it’s rare to see it happen on the actual program.” The newspaper noted that the channel has been focusing more and more on crime stories in recent months and quoted Behar as saying that in that context she was “sort of a fish out of water a little bit.” HLN declined to discuss the reasons for the cancellation. On Thursday night’s show — her last — Behar said that she received a tweet from Steve Martin, saying “Too bad. Great show,” and that she quickly called him to ask him to appear as a guest on the final night. “The Twitter world is an easy way to book guests,” she quipped.