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Only days after the New York Times reported on plans to wire a theater under construction in Bellevue, WA to enable audience members to text, tweet, and post comments on Facebook during movies, Kevin Spacey has been applauded in Sydney, Australia for his remarks onstage about audience members disrupting his performance in Shakespeare’s Richard III. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that when an audience member’s cellphone began ringing during a performance last Thursday, Spacey, remaining in character as Richard, bellowed: “Tell them we’re busy.” The following night, when members of the audience near the stage began talking, Spacey, according to the newspaper, “quick as you like, dipped into his tunic and withdrew a green laser light, pointing it at the offending audience members.” On the movie blog, writer Jen Yamato commented wistfully, “If only actors could leap off the screen to do the same in cineplexes.”