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December 14, 2011 by · 3 Comments 

Although the Florida Family Association claimed on Tuesday that 65 advertisers had pulled their spots from TLC’s All-American Muslim since the group launched its protest campaign against the program, which looks at the Muslim community in Dearborn, MI, the Los Angeles Times said Tuesday that it could identify only two such advertisers: the previously mentioned Lowe’s home-improvement-store chain and the travel website Kayak. Lowe’s, which said it had pulled its spots from the program because it had become a “lightning rod,” became an even greater one following its decision. Some 23,000 comments were posted on the chain’s Facebook page, most of them critical of the company’s decision. However Adweek observed that thousands of messages of support also poured in from people who posted blatantly racist comments. (Sample: “SADLY, we IMPORTED the muz [Muslims] during WWII to make the tanks in Detroit at GM. Just TOO BAD we didn’t send them home after the war was over.” Another asked: “Where is the show called BEING WHITE IN AMERICA?”) Commented Adweek: “It remains to be seen whether those who aren’t tolerant of Muslims buy more home-improvement supplies than those who are.” The controversy has not helped All-American Muslim‘s ratings. It drew just 908,000 viewers on Sunday, which would ordinarily mark it as candidate for cancellation. But New York magazine said on its Vulture website Tuesday, “TLC might want to order another round of episodes to make sure it’s not seen as caving to the wingnuts.”