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Protests at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores continued to mount over the weekend following the company’s decision to pull its advertising from TLC’s All American Muslim. NBC Nightly News showed footage taken at demonstrations in Brooklyn, NY and Dearborn, MI (where the series is taped). With a sign behind him reading, “Lowe’s, Remember, All-American Muslims Shop Too,” one Dearborn protester said that certain evangelical groups “want to see Muslims seen in the particular frame of extremism, and that is not the reality of the community.” At the same time the Florida Family Association stepped up its attack on the reality series. Its president, David Caton, appeared on the NBC newscast Sunday to describe the TLC series as “propaganda” that masks an Islamic agenda. Meanwhile, Lowe’s issued a new statement on Sunday saying, “The company’s advertising plans are a business decision and are not influenced by the actions or demands of any group or organization. It was never our intention to offend or alienate anyone.