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Speculation has arisen that Keith Olbermann is once again battling his bosses, in this case, the ownership and management of his current cable outlet Current TV. The New York Times is reporting that Olbermann will not be anchoring the channel’s coverage of the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary in January but will be replaced by Cenk Uygur and Jennifer Granholm. The newspaper said it had spoken to several people at Current who described Olbermann as disgruntled and who disclosed that, as in the past, he is refusing to speak to managers and executives at the channel. The article did not disclose what Olbermann is upset about. Contacted by email, Olbermann seemed unaware that his program was being preempted next week for a two-hour Iowa caucus preview hosted by Uygur on Monday and three hours of live coverage of the caucus without Olbermann on Tuesday. “That’s not my understanding,” Olbermann said in the email.