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While some studios are doing their utmost to delay rentals of DVDs in the hope of boosting sales of the discs, Lionsgate today (Tuesday) is releasing Abduction, starring Taylor Lautner on just about every rental platform, including digital download and streaming on Facebook. Lionsgate exec Anne Parducci told the London Financial Times that the studio hopes the Facebook link-up will give it a “direct-to-consumer relationship” with Facebook fans — in other words, it will be able to collect the email addresses of fans. The studio is also no doubt aware that, despite the appearance of Taylor Lautner in his first starring role outside of the Twilight movies, the movie flopped in its theatrical release, earning just $28.1 million domestically. Films that do poorly in theaters often strike out on the DVD sales market as well but sometimes fare reasonably well on the rental market. (A delay of those films often merely encourages piracy.) Renting the movie on Facebook will cost $3.99 for 48 hours, and Lionsgate is requiring credit-card or PayPal payment — rejecting Facebook Credits for which Facebook takes a 30-percent cut.