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In an apparent bid to land a preemptive strike against Netflix just as the online movie renter ramps up its service in the U.K., News Corp-controlled BSkyB said today (Tuesday) that it plans to launch an Internet version of its Sky Movies package. Customers will be be able to pay for a monthly subscription that will allow them to watch an unlimited number of movies, or they will be able to pay for individual movies, the Wall Street Journal reported. In addition, the satellite company says that it plans to use the service to offer live sports events and other special programming to viewers — all at a price significantly below Netflix’s. Moreover, BSkyB’s streaming service will not require that users subscribe to its cable service. BSkyB has a distinct advantage over Netflix since it has deals with most of the U.S. studios for relatively new movies. Netflix, on the other hand, offers mostly old “catalog” titles in the U.K.