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Testifying in the second day of the court battle between The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. and Dick Clark Productions, Fran LaMaina, the former DCP President and COO, said that the HFPA’s Golden Globes event was regarded as “somewhat [of] a joke” before Clark became associated with them. “Dick Clark’s reputation was the antithesis of the HFPA,” LaMaina said. He went on to describe how Clark’s production company revamped the Golden Globes to bring it credibility. The deal with the HFPA, LaMaina said, contained a clause that allowed Clark’s company to continue working on the Globes show so long as it remained on NBC. Based on that clause, DCP contends, it signed a $150-million extension of the contract with NBC through 2018. In its lawsuit, the HFPA contends that its members were never made aware of the clause and that it should have been allowed to negotiate with other broadcasters. LaMaina said that he felt no obligation to explain the clause to the membership. “My job is to deal with the top dog of Hollywood Foreign Press,” he said. But in cross-examining LaMaina, Daniel Petrocelli, the lawyer representing the HFPA, accused him of misleading the membership. Suggesting that they would have agreed to a contract preventing them from selling the Golden Globes program to the highest bidder, he said, “defies common sense.”