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Members of the American Federation of Musicians are expected to set up pickets at the location shooting of Lionsgate’s Mad Men to protest against the studio’s decision to score its upcoming movie The Hunger Games in London. Unlike the major U.S. studios, Lionsgate has not signed an agreement with the AFM requiring it to use local musicians on movies that are produced in the U.S. Lionsgate’s reason for scoring the film in London, where wage rates for musicians are comparable with those here, was not disclosed, but AFM president Roy Hair observed on Wednesday that everybody else working on the film, including actors, directors, writers and crew, are American. also noted that complicating matters is the fact that one of the picketers is expected to be Pete Anthony, who orchestrated the score for the movie and will likely be the conductor. Anthony is also president of the Recording Musicians Association of Los Angeles, which Deadline described as a “subsect” of the AFM (presumably meaning “subset”). “The problem of having Anthony … picket a movie he has scabbed on has brought considerable attention to the orchestrator because he’s up for reelection in two weeks,” Deadline observed.