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New York’s top police official has made a 180-degree shift from a previous stance and has now admitted that he agreed to appear in a documentary that claims that much of Muslim leadership in America is conspiring to “infiltrate and dominate” the highest levels of government, including the White House. The New York Times on Monday had quoted Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne that the filmmakers had used clips from old interviews with Commissioner Raymond Kelly for their film, The Third Jihad, but the following day, the film’s producer, Raphael Shore, sent an email to the newspaper providing the date and time of the interview with Kelly, which took place at police headquarters on March 19, 2007. Confronted with the email, Browne replied, “He’s right” but offered no further explanation, the Times said, except to say that the commissioner now regrets participating in the film. “The Police Department’s admission suggests a closer relationship between it and the provocative film,” the Times commented. The newspaper then went on to describe how the film, which in one scene shows a white Muslim flag flying over the White House, was repeatedly shown to city police officers during training over a 3-to-12-month period.