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Just when it seemed virtually certain that Donald Trump was about to quit television and run for president on a third-party ticket, he has up and changed his mind — opting instead to endorse Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination. The endorsement surprised a good number of political analysts — especially since most had suspected that if Trump endorsed any candidate at all, it would be Newt Gingrich. But suspicions quickly arose that he had struck a closed-door deal with Romney — that in exchange for the endorsement, Romney would agree to appoint him Secretary of State if he is elected in November. In a telephone interview today (Friday) with, Trump said, “I’d rather have me negotiating against China, against OPEC and against lots of other people that are laughing at how stupid we are … I would rather have me negotiating for us than the clowns that are negotiating right now.” Meanwhile, another celebrity has entered the presidential race. Roseanne Barr on Thursday filed papers to become a candidate for president under the Green Party standard. If the Green Party should nominate her, her entry into the race could pose a problem for NBC, which is developing a new sitcom for her, Downwardly Mobile. Under the FCC’s Equal Time rule, she could not appear on the program before the November election without NBC being required to offer equal time to her opponents.