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Angelina Jolie and members of the cast of In the Land of Blood and Honey have received death threats after the film premiered in Sarajevo on Tuesday, Jolie has told Britain’s Guardian newspaper. “There were things sent to me, there were things posted online,” Jolie told the newspaper after the Sarajevo screening. A member of the cast had the windows of their car smashed, she said, and another had their emails hacked. The Guardian reported that outside of Sarajevo, many theaters are refusing to show the movie, which is set during the Bosnian war 20 years ago. In fact, the newspaper commented, the movie may have succeeded “in exposing the depth of the rifts in a country that many fear is moving away from reconciliation and drifting once more towards dangerous instability.” Jolie said that what bothers her most is that some people in the region “are deciding to label [the movie] without having seen it, and try to incite aggression and violence.” At a news conference, she added, “It’s not just a simple threat, it’s not my safety I’m concerned about. … There is so much hostility and aggression where I don’t know if they are able to see the film clearly at this time.” BBC special correspondent Allan Little reported on Wednesday that while the film was warmly received in Sarajevo, it is not likely to be shown in predominantly Serbian areas of the country. “The film, for all its harrowing honesty,” he wrote, “reveals a country unreconciled to its painful past, and bitterly divided still even on the question of what really happened here almost 20 years ago.”