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Broadcast and cable news are about to encounter some formidable competition. The New York Times reported on Sunday that some of the nation’s leading news websites, including, the, and the online versions of The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and the Times itself are ramping up video operations, including building stages and accoutering them with high-definition television systems. According to the Times, online video is attracting some of the highest advertising rates ever recorded — as much as $20-50 per thousand viewers. News sites, it noted, will account for only a small segment of that market, but it quoted Steve Rubel, a media futurist for the public relations firm Edelman. as saying that they see video as a “beachhead” — especially at a time when TV sets are being equipped with technology that allows them to display traditional television programming and online video interchangeably. “Andrew Pergam, director of video for the Washington Post told the Times, “We’re finding more people want to watch news as it unfolds wherever they are. And they want to watch the most relevant parts on demand. … We’re delivering both.”