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Non-techie users may find it difficult understanding how it works, but that it does work is likely to fuel anger and frustration among members of the MPAA who appear to be adopting ever more stringent policies to shut down BitTorrent websites that pirate copyrighted material. “It” is Tribler, developed by researchers at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and described by, which monitors the BitTorrent scene, as a “decentralized” BitTorrent network that relies on “pure” peer-to-peer communication without the need of central servers. Dr. Johan Pouwelse, who heads the Tribler project, told TorrentFreak that unlike other BitTorrent sites, Tribler can not be shut down, blocked or censored. “The only way to take it down is to take the Internet down,” Pouwelse told the website. The project is Open Source, with Windows, Mac and Linux versions.