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April 23, 2012 by · 1 Comment 

Photo: Washington Post

This may be the year of the star-inspired revisionist approach to classic characters in the movies. Daniel Craig, the latest James Bond, has told the Washington Post that the next 007 movie, Skyfall, will include — horrors! — comedy. “I’m so camp in this one, I’ve gone quite far,” Craig told the newspaper in an interview at Pinewood Studios, where the movie is being film. “There is a lightness of touch in the writing, I think, that’s not been as evident in the last two, and I’m very excited about that,” Craig said. When Post correspondent Karla Adams reminded Craig that critics are likely to be concerned “about a wittier, funnier outing from Craig,” the actor replied, “You gotta take risks in this business.” But clearly camping up James Bond is likely to generate at least as much controversy as last week’s news that the character will drink Heineken beer in Skyfall.