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May 17, 2012 by · 1 Comment 

Satellite-TV operator DISH appears unfazed by angry comments from TV network executives about its plans to roll out a new DVR, dubbed the Hopper, from Echostar that allows users to skip commercials automatically. DISH CEO Joe Clayton has told the New York Post that the company plans to triple its marketing budget for TV, radio, newspapers, and social media. But DISH could find it problematic trying to implement its plans. The New York Times reported today (Thursday) that News Corp will not accept DISH’s ads for the Hopper on any of its broadcast or cable properties, including the Fox TV network and My Network TV and the Fox News, Fox Business, and FX cable networks. Some TV network execs, caught offguard by DISH’s maneuver, have threatened lawsuits and/or pulling their programing from the satellite operator. But James L. McQuivey of Forrester Research told the Times that the networks only need to wait for their current agreements to end. “If DISH doesn’t play nice, DISH will find it impossible to renew those deals when they’re up,” he said.