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Disney chief Robert Iger has unveiled what it calls “Magic of Healthy Living” guidelines to be applied to all of its broadcast and cable programs. In effect, the guidelines will bar makers of sugary and fat-laden products from buying ads on Disney programs. However, the ban does not take effect until 2015. Several companies that have been targeted as the largest producers of calorie-rich products have already announced their own guidelines for kids advertising that go into effect one year earlier. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research commented: “The days of whimsical commercials on Saturday morning cartoons where Cap’n Crunch fights pirates are coming to an end.” Instead, he noted, advertisers like McDonald’s and Frito Lay will air their spots during shows that families watch together. “That’s how food marketing has evolved,” he said. “Disney is just catching up to reality. The marketers were already there.” Disney has not signaled whether it intends to use its influence with movie exhibitors to limit the size of sugary drinks, popcorn tubs, and candy bars sold to children at concession counters.