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Joel Klein

Former New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein, who was appointed by Rupert Murdoch to head a Management and Standards Committee (MSC) to investigate possible wrongdoing on the part of reporters and executives at his London newspapers, is leaving the group, the company announced on Monday. The committee will now report to News Corp’s general counsel, Gerson Zweifach. The MSC has been turning over to Scotland Yard volumes of emails, documents, and other evidence in the aftermath of the telephone-hacking scandal that resulted in the shuttering of Britain’s largest-circulating newspaper, the Sunday tabloid News of the World. But its cooperation with authorities in Britain and the U.S. has aroused anger among the staff of the Murdoch newspapers and reportedly led to at least one suicide attempt. Neil Thurlbeck, the former chief reporter for the NoW, who himself is suspected of playing a role in the phone hacking, has charged that the “obsequeous” MSC is “shamefully” carrying out its work “ot because the MSC thinks it is the right thing to do. But to offer mitigation to the FBI as it investigates offences by News Corp in the US under the Foreign and Corrupt Practices Act. So to prevent the corruption infecting News Corp assets in the U.S., the MSC is busily heaping the corpses of its most loyal servants onto a funeral pyre.” Questions continue to be raised about the objectivity of the MSC and whether it might attempt to prevent the scandal from affecting higher-ups in the company. The MSC is overseen by Viet Dinh, an independent member of News Corp’s board but one with close ties to the Murdoch family. He is a longtime friend of Lachlan Murdoch and is godfather to Lachlan’s second child.