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In a contest less sporting, the Republican National Committee is paying a third more for primetime spots during the NBC Olympics telecasts than the Obama campaign, according to MediaPost. It is also buying far fewer ads — just three, versus the Obama campaign’s 15. The trade publication observed that although FCC rules require stations to offer candidates the same rate available to general advertisers, that rule does not apply to national political committees. Therefore, the network is able to charge the RNC more — $451,000 for each of its spots, while the Obama campaign is charged $340,200 for each. The RNC is also paying $50,100 each for weekday spots during daytime — 55 percent more than Obama, MediaPost said. All in all, the Obama campaign is reportedly spending $6 million for ads during the Olympics, while the RNC is spending $2.6 million. The Obama spots kicked off on Friday with an ad in which Obama speaks about fighting for the middle class; it featured the tagline “Forward.” There was some question about whether the two candidates will be taking the high road in their Olympic spots in coming days. Romney TV ads are currently blasting Obama for allegedly failing to boost employment, expanding the role of the federal government, and not supporting Israel. A current Obama spot chides Romney for refusing to release more of his tax returns and ends, “Makes you wonder if some years he’s paid any taxes at all.” MediaPost noted that should such attack ads by the candidates air during the Olympics that could trigger a backlash “not just from the public, but from other advertisers with spots nearby.”