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July 11, 2012 by · 1 Comment 

The Amazing Spider-Man appears to be spinning down. Sony had expected the movie to earn about $21 million on Sunday and based its weekend estimate on that figure. Instead the film earned $17.8 million. Then, on its first Monday in theaters it drew just $7.6 million — not bad, but a far cry from the pace of The Avengers in May, which didn’t drop to that level until it was in theaters for 16 days. (Monday was the seventh day of The Amazing Spider-Man‘s release. By the seventh day of The Avengers‘ release, it had already earned $270 million — without the benefit of a summer holiday to help boost ticket sales — on its way to a domestic total of $611 million. The Amazing Spider-Man had grossed $145 million over its seven days in theaters. Meanwhile, Universal’s R-rated Ted continues to enjoy being called “amazing,” too. After just 11 days, it has now earned $124 million.