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Richard Greenfield

With Google’s YouTube increasing the number of full-length movies and television shows on its service, it has opted out of its deal with Apple, which has offered a YouTube app preloaded on the home screens of all of its iOS devices, including the iPhone and the iPad, on condition that no advertising be displayed. According to BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield, the parting-of-the-ways was a mutual decision. He noted that with “Google investing serious dollars in higher quality programming for the YouTube platform … we believe Google could no longer allow its YouTube app on iPhones and iPads to go without advertising. We suspect without the advantage of “no ads,” Apple was no longer interested in renewing its preloaded YouTube home page deal with Google for iOS devices.” While the YouTube app will be removed from the preloaded home screen of the upcoming iOS6, consumers will still be able to obtain it via the Apple’s iTunes Store or by merely accessing via the Safari browser.