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As many Republicans no doubt feared, Isaac drew attention away from Mitt Romney on the day he was officially declared the party’s candidate for president in 2012. On cable news coverage during the day, in particular, it was the gathering hurricane that produced the drama, while the goings on in Tampa, mostly devoted to procedural matters, seemed bland and tedious by comparison. NBC’s primetime coverage attracted 5.4 million viewers; CBS’s, just 3.3 million, and ABC’s, 2.5 million. “A natural disaster is tough competition and a difficult co-star,” commented Los Angeles Times TV critic Robert Lloyd. Not necessarily so for some of the late-night TV hosts, however. Comedy Central made the most of the situation with barbed comments from Jon Stewart and the network’s other convention “correspondents.” TBS’s Conan O’Brien sent Deon Cole to the convention, who reported, “There’s a lot of white people here. I mean, I stand out here like a black man in your audience.” When O’Brien asked him whether he had been inside the convention hall, Cole replied, “I got kicked out.” Cole said as a comedian, “When I see big stages and microphones, I’ve got to get a piece,” then proceeded to show a video of himself bolting onto the convention stage, stepping behind the rostrum, and shouting, “Hello, white people. How are you? I haven’t seen this many white people since I went to a medieval fair in Orange County,” at which point the camera panned to the empty seats of the convention hall and one man standing in the middle with his face blurred out — a man Cole identified as “the secret service.” The convention is also being covered by televangelist Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network, which today featured an interview with Florida pastor Jesten Peters, who claimed that her prayer group was responsible for Isaac turning away from Tampa. “We have had lots and lots of people praying around the clock that it would move and … it has really moved out of the way for us and we appreciate God doing that,” she said.