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Pity Robert Pattinson, the latest movie star required to promote his current film (Cosmopolis) while his name and photo are appearing on the covers of celebrity gossip magazines all over the world. His first stop was Jon Stewart’s late-night The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Apparently presuming that Pattinson would deflect all questions concerning his break-up with Kristin Stewart, the talk-show host placed a quart of ice cream in front of the actor and another in front of himself, then remarked, “The last time I had a bad break-up, Ben & Jerry’s got me through the tough times, so I thought you and I could talk about things.” He then offered the actor some advice: “Boy, you are better off without –so kick her to the curb!” Pattinson merely looked embarrassed, saying at one point, “This is how you got me on the show… This is the problem with actors, in every awkward interview situation.” Replied Stewart: “Here’s the problem with my show — we don’t have a freezer.” In the end, Pattinson never uttered a word about his former girlfriend, telling Stewart, “This is the weird things about these interviews, and now I’m going to sound like an idiot, but my biggest problem in my life is that I’m cheap. ‘I didn’t hire a publicist and every awkward interview, most actors have things scripted. I’m going to hire a publicist.”