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Another week and another stand-off between a cable or satellite distributor and a content provider. In this case, it’s New York-based Cablevision versus Tribune Corp, which owns WPIX in New York and WPHL in Philadelphia, cities where Cablevision operates. Statements from each side echoed those released during previous clashes between other cable and content companies. “What we have proposed amounts to less than a penny a day per subscriber, well below what Cablevision pays to providers of less well-watched channels,” said Tribune. “Tribune and their hedge fund owners are demanding tens of millions in new fees for WPIX and other stations they own,” said Cablevision. Tribune waged a similar battle against DISH Network last March. The latest dispute could redound to the benefit of Barry Diller’s Aereo service, which can broadcast local over-the-air stations in New York City like WPIX to users’ PCs, smartphones and tablets.