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Craig Zobel

Director Craig Zobel is bracing for another critical reception for his movie Compliance, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, then had a limited domestic release in August. Now, it’s due to be screened at the London Film festival next month, and today’s (Wednesday) London Independent indicates that it is likely to provoke the same sort of angry reaction in the U.K. as it did in the U.S. — including numerous walk-outs. The film is based on the real-life incident that occurred in 2004 when a restaurant manager received a phone message from a man who identified himself as a police officer and told her that a new employee was stealing and should be questioned until police arrive. As in real life, the person playing the manager, following instructions, takes her to the rear of the restaurant, strips her, then leaves her in the hands of several men who are instructed to subject her to humiliating acts. Zobel says that the audience members who have expressed outrage at the scenes in the film were largely unaware that the actual events were recorded by a security camera and are far more graphic. “The question I hope the film poses is, why?” Zobel told the Independent, adding, “It’s important that we talk about this stuff.”