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With its tilt toward conservative viewers, Fox News Channel was certain to capture the most viewers during the Republican National Convention last week. And it did. What turned out to be surprising, however, was that it was not No. 1 among the 18-34 age group who tuned in. But then, Fox’s principal competitors, CNN and MSNBC, didn’t capture that group either. That ratings victory went to Comedy Central, whose Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert unmercifully lampooned the goings-on in Tampa. And while FNC was also able to claim the highest ratings among 18-49 year-olds, Stewart, Colbert and company came in at No. 2 in that demo, ahead of CNN and MSNBC. Clearly they are not giving the Democrats a free pass either. On Tuesday Stewart sent a number of “correspondents” out on the streets of Charlotte to ask the “person in the street” to suggest a slogan for the campaign. One suggested: “He’s trying the best that he can.” Another: “It’s difficult to be president.” The winner: “Yes, we can … but.”