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They have a few more years yet to go before they can challenge Bob Barker’s record for the longest run as a television game-show host — 35 years — but Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek will come close by the end of their current contracts. Sony Pictures Television announced today (Monday) that Sajak, who is due to start his 30th year as host of Wheel of Fortune with the coming season, and Alex Trebek, who is due to start is 29th year as host of Jeopardy, have signed new four-year contracts that will keep them at the helm of their respective shows through the 2015/16 season. Also returning is Wheel‘s Vanna White. All three are relatively young compared to Barker, who retired in 2007 at 83. Sajak is 65; Trebek, 72; and White, 55. In a statement, executive producer Harry Friedman observed, “Together they have hosted a combined 12,000 episodes of these beloved shows and have become part of America’s family as well. I think they’re finally getting the hang of it.” Terms of the deals were not disclosed. Trebek was reportedly earning $10 million annually on his previous contract; Sajak, $8 million.