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After four relatively strong weekends in a row, the box office is expected to slip back into losing territory this weekend. Although four new films are being released, none is expected to draw big crowds. Indeed, after placing second for two consecutive weekends, Ben Affleck’s Argo may have a solid chance of rising to first place. It did so during the midweek (Monday through Thursday) in each of the of the past two weeks. Pundits are predicting it will earn around $10-14 million. Many analysts are suggesting, however, that it’s pretty much a toss-up between Argo, the horror film Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (which was not screened for critics), and the Tom Tykwer/Wachowskis’ Cloud Atlas, each with around $11 million. The latter film has been drawing tons of publicity, but analysts say it’s a tough sell — that, for all of the hype, the movie, which involves six separate stories taking place in six separate time periods, looks confusing. Not to be counted out is Fun Size, a comedy that takes place during Halloween, that is opening at 3,014 locations — the widest release of any of the four and is expected to take in $8-10 million. The fourth entry, the surfing movie Chasing Mavericks, is expected to be a washout, with less than $5 million.