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October 17, 2012 by · 1 Comment 

Some 37.4 million viewers watched Tuesday night’s debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney on the major broadcast networks, according to overnight Nielsen data. The figure does not include cable TV channels that also carried the debate. (The Democratic polling firm PPP found that a quarter of viewers in Colorado, regarded as a swing state, watched the debate on Fox News.) Nielsen plans to release revised figures including cable later today. The first debate between the two candidates attracted 67.2 million, and it is likely that the second one attracted a significantly greater number. That could represent good news for President Obama, who was widely regarded as the winner of the second debate, following what foes and supporters alike described as a listless performance in the first go-round. Two snap polls taken after the debate gave the win to Obama. One by CNN gave the win to the president by 46 percent to Romney’s 39 percent. A CBS News poll of formerly uncommitted voters gave the decision to Obama by 37 percent to 30 percent for Romney. Another 33 percent deemed it a tie.

UPDATE: Preliminary figures from Nielsen Research indicate that about 65.6 million viewers watched the Tuesday debate, down about 2 percent from the first debate. The numbers do not include those watching on TV sets outside the home or on digital devices. said that the number of viewers watching the debate on its website climbed 30 percent from the first debate.