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Disney’s plan to create a website that allows people to buy or rent its movies online and to stream any of those that they already own onto mobile devices, personal computers and the like has failed. The company announced on Monday that its Disney Movies Online, which launched in 2009, will no longer be selling Disney movies and that customers will be able to continue to stream their existing movies only until December 31st. Industry observers said that Disney Movies Online had attracted few users and blamed the company’s marketing effort. In reporting on the demise of the service, several reports mentioned that many people simply didn’t know it existed. (CBS-owned CNET.com headlined: “Disney to Shutter Little-Known Movie Streaming Service.”) Others complained that the movies could not be viewed offline. The company acknowledged the limitations in a statement. “Disney Movies Online does not have the flexibility that many users today demand. … We made a business decision to close the service until we are able to provide the greatest value and experience to our customers.”