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Mitt Romney has told donors to his presidential campaign that a significant factor in his loss to President Obama was the unfair influence of two of the debates by NBC and CNN moderators. According to an ABC transcript, Romney said that in 2016 the Republican party should “agree that we’re gonna do, you know, I don’t’ know, eight debates, and we’re gonna, we’re gonna do one a month, and we’re gonna pick stations that are reasonable. It’s not all gonna be done by CNN and NBC, all right. I mean, we’re gonna try and guide this process so that it’s designed to showcase the best of our people as opposed to showcasing liberals beating the heck out of us.” On the other hand, he suggested, there ought to be fewer primary debates. “We had 20 Republican debates. That was absolutely nuts. It opened us up to gaffes and to material that could be used against us in the general [election], and we were fighting these debates for a year, and the incumbent president just sat back and laughed.”