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Box office pundits have become so many Chicken Littles, predicting that Skyfall will crush everything else in sight this weekend. The 007 flick, which opens in many theaters at midnight tonight (a preview on IMAX screens took place on Wednesday), is likely to collect more than $70 million, according to many forecasters, provided that a predicted let-up in the East Coast store comes to pass. Sony, which is distributing the film, is predicting an opening of around $67 million, about what the last installment of the Bond saga, Quantum of Solace, produced in 2008, when tickets were cheaper and there were no surcharges for IMAX showings. Online ticket sellers Fandango said on Wednesday that it is selling twice the number of tickets as it did for Solace at the same point. But then Fandango presales in 2008 in general were far below what they are today. As of Thursday, the movie had already raked in a massive $320 million at the overseas box office.