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Xie Fei, one of China’s most celebrated film directors, has spoken out against the country’s film bureau, which acts as a censorship board, calling it “a corrupt black spot for controlling the prosperity of the cultural and entertainment industry, killing artistic exploration and wasting administrative resources.” The 70-year-old Xie, who won the Silver Bear award at the 1990 Berlin Film Festival for Black Snow and three years later, the top Golden Bear award for Woman Sesame Oil Maker, said that the controls instituted by the board has resulted in poor box-office performance of Chinese films and the success of foreign films produced without the censorship of the film bureau. His own most recent film, he said, has been under review by the bureau for four months. The bureau, he said, continues to ban any film that it believes portrays the nation negatively. Britain’s Sky News quoted him as saying, “Today’s film censorship system is not ‘ruled by law,’ but still ruled by a system based on personalities that we long ago said should end.”