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Time was when Best Buy lured customers into stores by offering them DVDs and Blu-ray Discs at bargain prices. But as customers’ shelves overflowed with the discs and Netflix and Redbox cut into sales, it became apparent that all that space that Best Buy was devoting to its home video inventory was hurting profits rather than boosting them. Indeed, the home electronics chain began posting quarterly losses regularly. (In its last quarterly, SEC filing it posted a loss of more than $10 million.) So Best Buy struck on a plan — team up with the movie download service CinemaNow and then stock its stores — perhaps using some of the space that it had been devoting to discs — with settop devices that allow users to watch those cloud-stored movies on their TV sets. It eventually acquired CinemaNow and is now fast at work enhancing the service. On Sunday it announced that anyone pre-ordering Universal’s The Bourne Legacy on Blu-ray will be able to have digital access to it via CinemaNow before it hits stores on Dec. 11. CinemaNow is also linked to UltraViolet, the studios’ initiative that allows anyone who purchases a movie on DVD or Blu-ray Disc to access it also via the cloud.