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Intel is the latest company planning to get a jump on Apple’s long-rumored Apple TV set by launching a settop box in 2013 that will combine a number of broadcast and cable channels as well as streaming video-on-demand services at a price well below what a typical cable operator charges. According to, Intel’s “virtual cable” box will be unveiled at an Intel news conference scheduled o be held at the annual CES show in Las Vegas on Jan. 7. The tech site, which cited a source in the video distribution industry directly familiar with Intel’s plans, said that the giant semiconductor company has sidestepped the problems that rivals like Apple and Google have encountered in their attempts to obtain content for their service by making deals on a city-by-city basis. The new boxes will reportedly include technology that will allow subscribers to view any program on any channel up to one month after it is originally transmitted — no DVR necessary. Cable operators have signaled that they may counter any such system by raising the Internet subscription fee of customers who opt to cut their TV cords.