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Sony Corp. CEO Kazuo Hirai has scotched persistent reports that he is considering selling Sony Pictures and focusing on the company’s troubled consumer electronics business. Today’s (Thursday) Hollywood Reporter quoted him as saying, I have always said, when asked the question about why we have the entertainment properties, one of the most important reasons we have them in our business portfolio, just like why we have financial services, is that it’s a profitable business to be in. … And I like to have profitable businesses in my portfolio.” Besides, with Sony beginning to roll out Super High Definition television sets (4K), it is important that product be available to watch on them. “One of the most important things for technology like 4K is content,” he said. “We will be working with Sony Pictures, so that when a consumer buys a Sony 4K television, there is a method for them to access Sony and other native 4K content suppliers. I can’t speak for the other manufacturers because they don’t have motion picture studios, but we’re going to leverage the relationship that we have.”