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In its latest effort to thwart publicity for DISH Network’s Hopper technology, CBS on Wednesday demanded that Kaley Coco, a star of the network’s comedy hit The Big Bang Theory, remove a sponsored tweet on behalf of DISH’s ad-skipping Hopper technology. “It’s disappointing that CBS — once the exemplar of editorial independence and innovation — continues to use its heavy hand to hold back progress from consumers,” said Joe Clayton, DISH president and CEO. According to DISH, CBS ordered that Coco yank the tweet after it learned that it had already drawn “several thousand” retweets. “Clearly, with this kind of response, consumers have a true interest in the types of innovations the DISH Hopper offers,” said Clayton. The latest CBS response to Hopper follows last month’s order to CNET, the CBS-owned technology news site, to withdraw its “Best of CES” award, presented at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, to the Hopper DVR. CES later “reinstated” the award. CBS received much criticism from various media outlets for allegedly breaking the “wall” between corporate interests and editorial independence. CBS has sued DISH, alleging that the Hopper infringes its copyright ownership.