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Hyundai, which scored strongly for overall effectiveness for its Super Bowl ads at the beginning of the month, drew much praise for its ads during the Oscars. The Korean automaker ran seven ads during the ceremony, receiving Ace Metrix’s highest score for its ad “Stuck,” which also ran during the Super Bowl. “Hyundai’s aggressive moves so far in 2013 make it one to watch this year,” said Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix. “Only three of the top 10 ads this Oscars were new ads produced expressly for the awards show — interesting because 23 of the 40 ads aired during the Oscars were new, indicating that many advertisers won by using some of their ‘tried and true’ material to make a splash in this important advertising event.” Among ads that debuted during the Oscars, McDonald’s “Luck Has It” ranked No. 1 for effectiveness, followed by JCPenney’s “Dear America.”