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To those who may have wondered how Disney ever hoped to recoup the $4.05 billion that it paid to acquire Lucasfilm — let alone make a profit on the deal — Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn had an answer: release a new Star Wars movie every year. As Horn told the CinemaCon meeting of movie exhibitors in Las Vegas on Wednesday, the studio plans to release three actual Star Wars films in 2015 (the one that will be directed by J.J. Abrams), 2017, and 2019 and then in the even years following those movies, release additional films “derived from that universe.” It was not immediately clear how the films in the odd years would be different from those in the even, but some writers speculated that the odd-year films would be based on the actual characters in the original movies while the even-year films would introduce additional characters. The six previous Star Wars movies have earned about $4 billion since the first one was released 35 years ago. If the next films do as well, Disney should recoup most of its investment in Lucasfilm in just six years.