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South Korea-based CJ Group is planning to add a “fourth dimension” to Iron Man 3 at a theater in Nagoya, Japan when the movie opens there on April 26, the company announced today (Tuesday). Called 4DX, the system can reportedly release any of 1,000 different scents, tilt seats, blow wind and mist, set off strobe lights, and drop bubbles on the audience, among other effects. A ticket to a 4DX movie will approximately double the price of an ordinary movie-theater ticket, which goes for about $12.50 in Japan. Korona World, which operates the Nagoya theater, said that it plans to screen about 12 films per year in the 4DX format, which requires an additional track to accompany the audio and visual tracks on a digital movie on which the other effects to the senses are programmed. Previously, the company added 4DX to screenings of Avatar in South Korea in 2009; to Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in Mexico in 2011; to Transformers: Dark of the Moon at Major Cineplex theaters in Thailand in 2011; and to The Croods at Cinema City Hungary this year. It said that it is in talks with U.S. distributors to add 4DX to about 200 theaters in the U.S. by the end of the year. The process would appear to be an enhanced version of 1960’s failed Smell-O-Vision, which released various odors during the screening of Mike Todd Jr.’s Scent of Mystery.