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Stepping up its anti-piracy efforts, the British group Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) sent its investigators to the home of the owner of TorrentZone and ordered him to shut down and turn over his domains, the website, which tracks BitTorrent use, disclosed on Tuesday. While previously FACT had dispatched warning letters or emails to owners of what it identified as pirate sites, its “personal approach” appeared more effective at putting pressure on the torrent operator to halt his activity. The unnamed owner of TorrentZone told TorrentFreak that the FACT representatives handed him a cease-and-desist letter that indicated that FACT had examined his site and found that it made available “predominantly infringing film and TV content.” If he failed to shut down, the notice said, he would be subject to “further investigation which may result in criminal prosecution.” Said the TorrentZone operator: “I agreed verbally and signed further letters to formally sign over the domains related to the site. I was told by [the two FACT men who visited him] that if I did this immediately there may not be any further action taken against me.” U.K.