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The head of Verizon Communications used his podium at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas to tell broadcasters something that they probably didn’t wish to hear: that 50 percent of Verizon Wireless’s traffic comes from video streaming — and that figure is likely to rise to 70 percent by 2017. CEO Lowell McAdam attributed his company’s success at delivering online video to its LTE network that delivers high-speed 4G connections to the Internet, thereby generally avoiding buffering. He said he was able to persuade the late Apple chief Steve Jobs to produce an LTE version of the iPhone when he told him that the phone would be capable of download speeds of 10 Mbps. As McAdam recalled, “I was really trying to sell him and he sat there without any reaction. Finally, he said, ‘Enough. You had me at 10 Mbps. I know you can stream video at 10 Mbps.’ And Apple’s next phone was LTE.” Although the session featuring McAdam was lightly attended, the Verizon chief maintained that he hoped to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with broadcasters. Asked about a recent statement that Verizon hope to carry the Super Bowl on its LTE networks beginning next year, he replied that those plans should not concern broadcasters, “Ninety-nine point nine percent of people will still be at home watching the game at home in front of their big 4K TV,” he said.