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Overall, Disney had a spectacular second quarter with net income soaring 32 percent. But conspicuously absent from the celebration was the company’s ABC television network, which finished the quarter dead last among the key 18-49 age group. Not only did the company take a hit from lower ratings — and a commensurate drop in ad revenue — but it also had to shell out a significant amount of money for shows that it had to cancel before all the episodes aired. During a conference call with analysts and reporters, Disney chief Robert Iger, acknowledging that the TV division “had a tough run during the last few months,” said that there was an obvious solution to ABC’s problems — “a st

Robert Iger

ronger primetime schedule, particularly with programming that we own.” he said, referring to programs produced by the Disney studio. Iger said that he has seen some of the pilots for programs that are due to air next season, “and I’m more than reasonably encouraged in what I’ve seen.”