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Bill O’Reilly, Bernard Goldberg

Fox News personalities have struck back in kind at liberals who have accused them of being mouthpieces for the Republican Party. Appearing on Bill O’Reilly’s show Thursday night, conservative pundit Bernard Goldberg accused the liberal-leaning MSNBC of acting like a “public relations firm for the Democratic Party.” His comments came during a discussion of coverage of the House committee hearing on the 2012 Benghazi attack. O’Reilly noted that Fox News covered it for almost two hours, CNN for about fifteen minutes and MSNBC — not at all. The hearing had been billed in advance by some conservatives as one in which “whistleblowers” would reveal that the administration — in particular Secretary of State Clinton — had lied to the American people about the attack. Former Gov. Mike Huckabee, a regular Fox News contributor, had even said earlier in the week that the hearing would lead to President Obama’s impeachment for lying about the attack. The hearing, while revealing no smoking gun, did produce the first riveting account of the attack by Gregory Hicks, who was the State Department’s deputy chief of mission in Libya, on the day it occurred. Hicks also maintained that he had been “effectively demoted” to a desk job after publicly questioning the initial account of the attack by U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice. But the State Department later said that Hicks himself “decided to shorten his assignment in Libya following the attacks, due to understandable family reasons,” that Hicks had accepted “a suitable temporary assignment” at the same salary and had submitted his choice for his next assignment.