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Media critic Howard Kurtz has kept his job at CNN — at least for the time being — but not before having to undergo a trial by fire as two other media critics laced into him Sunday for recent errors that he conceded were “sloppy and inexcusable.” Two days after parting company with The Daily Beast website — he insisted that a “divorce” had been in the works for some time — Kurtz appeared on his Reliable Sources show and apologized for his recent mistakes, especially one involving his criticism of Jason Collins, the first athlete on a major sports team to come out publicly as gay. On, Kevin Cirilli wrote that Kurtz’s comments “had the feel of the time-tested survival strategy of a politician trying to salvage a career after being caught in a high-profile transgression.” But two other media critics appearing with Kurtz on Sunday’s program seemed to have no intention of letting him off the hook easily. NPR’s David Folkenflik and Poltico’s Dylan Byers gave Kurtz an intense grilling. “Why should we put stock in you as a media critic… when so much of your recent work has been sloppy and even reckless?” Folkenflik asked. Byers asked, “If you were looking at yourself, what would you say about that journalist’s credibility?” Kurtz replied that he should be judged by his entire body of work, not just “a small minority of cases.”