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Demonstrating China’s growing clout in the movie business, Xinhua, the state-run Chinese news service, reported today (Friday) that the upcoming Transformers 4 will be set in China, feature Chinese stars, and will be otherwise “China-centric.” Marc Ganis, president and co-founder (with cousin Sid Ganis, the former president of the Motion Picture Academy) of the Sino-American film and Internet streaming company Jiaflix, told Xinhua, “The film has a great deal to do with China. Effectively, China is a character in it.” He also said that there were no plans to follow the lead of the producers of Iron Man 3 and add more Chinese content to the film, a tactic that, Xinhua reported, many mainland moviegoers regarded as “too contrived.” “There is going to be a single version (of the film) worldwide with a very significant Chinese component,” Ganis said.