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Once again the news media today (Tuesday) were being criticized for failing to question official pronouncements about a tragedy. After reporting most of the day that 91 persons had been killed in the Oklahoma tornado, with that figure likely to rise, and comparing the calamity with previous weather-related disasters, the cable news networks were forced to backtrack today as officials revised the figure to 24. There was no immediate explanation for the sizable correction. The broadcast networks were already preparing to broadcast special reports on the tragedy Tuesday when the wholesale revision occurred and, given the massive amount of video footage available of the tornado’s fury, were likely to proceed with their coverage in any case. On Monday night viewers of NBC’s The Voice were informed how they could contribute to the Red Cross to aid the Oklahoma victims. On ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, co-host Tom Bergeron observed, “While we’re having a celebration here, we want you to know that our thoughts are with everyone that’s been affected by the devastating tornado in Oklahoma City.” CBS issued a statement saying that it had preempted the season finale of Mike & Molly, titled “Windy City,” in which a tornado threatening Chicago figured in the plot.