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Several writers were suggesting on Tuesday, following the dismal opening of Sony’s After Earth, that Will Smith, whose name on the marquee was once regarded as a guarantee of a movie’s profitability, had sustained a career blow as debilitating as the one that sidelines his character in the movie. The Los Angeles Times observed that until now, Smith was someone who “hadn’t had a summer movie open below No. 1 in 20 years, and who saw nine of his last 10 films gross at least $125 million domestically.” The newspaper suggested that Smith has come to a career “crossroads” and that he’ll probably now begin devoting more and more time to behind-the-camera work as a producer. Paul Dergarabedian, who tracks box-office results for, told the Associated Press: “It just shows you how competitive the summer marketplace is and star power isn’t necessarily what gets you there.” Yahoo! headlined the AP item: “Does ‘After Earth’ End Reign of Mr. Box Office?”