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Virtually every major news publication with a reporter assigned to a Hollywood beat was speculating Thursday on the possible departure of Jeff Robinov as president of Warner Bros. Pictures Group. While the New York Times reported that Robinov was in “still unresolved discussions” about leaving, the Los Angeles Times said in its lede that Robinov “is stepping down,” adding that although “he has not officially left the studio, he is making arrangements to do so.”, on the other hand, quoted “multiple individuals with knowledge of the situation” as saying that Robinov “has been missing in action for the past week” at Warner’s and is “not coming back.” (Some reports, however, indicated that Robinov was away from the studio in order to be operated on for a sinus condition.) While some reports said that Robinov’s contract is up in December, the Hollywood Reporter claimed that it runs through 2014. The Reporter suggested that Robinov is seeking an early release that would involve a cash settlement as well as “the freedom to pursue his next opportunity.” At, Nikki Finke, among those who reported that Robinov’s contract expires in December, said that Robinov is “on vacation in New Mexico” and that he has enlisted attorney Skip Brittenham and former Warner Bros. chairman Bob Daly to negotiate his exit. Finke quoted a Robinov “pal” as saying that the studio president recently told him that Warner Bros. chairman Ken Tsujihara “is starting to push me out by both the things he’s doing and the responsibilities he’s assuming.” But Claudia Eller, co-editor of Variety, which, like Finke’s, is owned by Penske Media, insisted that Robinov has not quit. “Nor is he expected to quit since that would preclude him from getting a multi-million dollar settlement on his contract, which expires at the end of 2014, plus an additional severance package.” She also insisted that there were no settlement talks going on between Robinov and the studio, that Robinov was expected to return to work at the studio on Monday, and she quoted a source as saying that the situation over his future there is “fluid.” Nevertheless, she concluded, Robinov is expected to part company with the studio “in coming weeks.”