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On a per-theater basis, the top earner of the weekend was not any of the $100-million blockbusters. It was director Pedro Almodóvar’s comedy I’m So Excited!, which debuted with $105,000 in five theaters — or more than $20,000 per theater. The film’s success came despite mostly negative reviews. (The New York Times called it “airless, uninvolving.” But Betsy Sharkey in the Los Angeles Times predicted that it “will likely divide audiences into love-it or hate-it camps, as any good-bad campy film should.”) Also opening in the art houses was Neil Jordan’s vampire tale Byzantium, which collected $18,000 from six theaters and drew mixed reviews. “It’s not perfect, but when it works, Byzantium towers above all of the romantic vampire slobber we’ve been getting lately,” wrote Rex Reed in the New York Observer. On the other hand, Kyle Smith in the New York Post awarded the movie a single star and commented that star Saoirse Ronan “and the movie need a blood transfusion.”